Utilizing comprehensive real-time city data, TAERIO Smart City holistically optimizes urban public resources by instantly correcting defects in urban operations.

This has led to numerous breakthroughs in urban government models, service models, and industrial development.

City Event Detection and Smart Processing

Intelligently detected more events and reduced average handling time

Community and Public Safety

Improved the efficiency of security and emergency response times, allowing for preventative public security and safety measures.

Traffic Congestion and Signal Control

Reduced congestion indicators in pilot area and shortened commute times

Public Transportation and Vehicle Dispatch

Decreased the passenger delay rate and increased utilization of public transport

Network Data

Imaging Device Data

Government Data

IoT Sensor Data

Creating New Commercial Opportunities
for Partners Across All Industries

Urban Government Model

TAERIO Smart City improves government administrative capabilities by solving prominent problems that makes government more intelligent and responsible to citizens.

Service Model

TAERIO Smart City allows cities to better serve enterprises and individuals at any time and anywhere through efficient urban public services and conserving public resources.

Urban Industrial Development

Publicly available urban data is an important resource that serves as a catalyst for industrial development and promotes the transformation and upgrade of traditional industries.




Public spaces



IT Service Platform

The IT service platform leads to the prosperity of the industrial ecosystem. It consumes data resources while conserving natural resources.

Al Service Platform

The AI service platform uses deep learning technology to mine data resources for valuable information, empowering a city with the ability to think.

Data Resource Platform

Real-time, a network-wide data aggregation, turns data into a true resource. The platform ensures data security, improves data quality, and uses data scheduling to realize the value of the data.

Integrated Computing Platform

This platform provides ample computing power to the TAERIO Smart City. Its extreme elasticity encapsulates the real-time computation of the full city data, exabyte storage capability, and petabyte processing capability, as a result, millions of traffic camera videos can be analyzed in real time.