High-end customlaser technologies


From refractive ophthalmic to minimally invasive abdominal surgeries


Aerospace industry requirements to reduce size and eliminate excessive weight have increased demand for laser processed components


Lasers can consistently produce the strong, seamless welds and joints that are vital to ensure the operation and safety of many automotive parts


Electronic designs are being pushed to their limits in terms of size, cost and quality

We apply this cutting edge lasertechnology to develop and deliverhigh-end custom solutions that areultra-compact and optimizedfor industrial applications.

We offer an extensive range of micromachining systems with ultrafast lasers that deliver excellent performance capabilities and flexibility, all in an extremely compact footprint.

TAERIO has integrated advanced fiber-based laser solutions with a medium average power of 50 to 10000 W. Our modular component system allows us to fit our entire product portfolio with fiber, picosecond or femtosecond laser sources to give customers the optimum solution for their applications.

Our compact laser solutions have power ratings from 5 to 100 W and can perform micromachining tasks not achievable by any other laser process on the market today.

What TAERIO Laser Technologywill do for you:

  • Micro Cutting / Micro Milling / Micro Grinding
  • Micro Drilling
  • Micro Welding
    (Spot, Seam, Tube & Butt Welds)
  • Micro Marking & Micro Engraving
  • Micro Perforating
  • Micro Ablating
  • 3D Applications


As lasers are able to work in areas with a tolerance of only several microns, they are the suitable tool to achieve the clean, dross free cuts that are demanded by the industry, with smooth surface qualities and negligible heat affected zones. TAERIO lasers will enable further advances in clinical and medical applications.
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Using state-of-the-art laser technology, manufacturers can achieve the tight constraints applied by the aerospace industry, such as very strong joints and high precision micro holes with smooth surface qualities and negligible heat affected zones. The advancement of TAERIO laser technology goes hand-in-hand with the next generation of aircraft.
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Laser technology has increasingly altered the manufacturing process for motor vehicles. Virtually any material — hard or soft, metallic or non-metallic, conductive or nonconductive — can be joined, drilled, cut and welded with precision and predictability.
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Lasers are capable of cutting complex shapes only a few microns in width, making them well suited to the intricate manufacturing processes and aesthetic qualities demanded by the electronics industry. TAERIO is developing laser solutions to meet current and future needs of the electronics industry.
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TAERIO compact laser micromachining solutionsdeliver excellent performance capabilitiesand flexibility for precision processingof a wide variety of materials


Stainless Steel / Inox

Cobalt Chrome









Nickel / Hastelloy