TAERIO Solves Critical Civil and
Industrial Security Problems

Smart Sensor Systems

The Internet of the Things or IOT grows rapidly and soon will drastically change the way we manage processes and get information for decisions.

Taerio has deep knowledge of the IOT Market and if sensors are not not existing yet we create IOT Hardware on demand.


Smart R&D

Using AI algorithms and big data analysis of data produced throughout the research and development, design, production, and aftersales cycle, this solution provides full-value-chain product prediction services and optimization strategies.

Smart Production

Relying on digital description of the manufacturing process, this solution uses AI algorithms to study how changes to different parameters affect device statuses and the overall production process. Taking into consideration real-time data and the dynamic adjustment of on-site conditions, it can realize intelligent device health management, real-time processing parameter recommendations, production scheduling, and other functions and serve as a powerful tool to advance production site management and lean production.

Smart Project Management

Taerio provides turn key solutions including. Planing, Controlling, Management, Logistics, Licencing and Componets. Teams of specialist which bring Buildings, Hard- and Software into place.

Build and Launch Your Own Industrial AI

Rapidly integrate industrial data

Construct industrial data warehouses

Configure intelligent applications

Create a global command module



Critical Infrastructure