TAERIO Environment Application Scenarios

Integrated Management

TAERIO Environment combines geolocation systems with ecological data to provide an all-in-one environmental service.

Smart Monitoring

By using data from various entities, TAERIO Environment employs cloud computing and algorithms to monitor pollution.

Smart Regulation

TAERIO Environment analyzes enterprise waste production to create a company’s environmental footprint profile.

Smart Emergency Response

TAERIO Environment monitors the transport of hazardous materials in real-time and reduces risks during transport.

Source of pollution

Waste-producting enterprise

Transportation of pollutants

Pollution monitoring

Regulation enforcement

Built on Business Modeling, Analytics and Public Layer Architecture

Environmental Protection Data

TAERIO Environment builds environmental data warehouses to service environmental governance and enterprise emission reduction.

Algorithm Models

Based on the global environmental protection data, TAERIO Environment builds smart algorithms that improve modeling, the accuracy of predictions, regulation enforcement, and emergency response.

Environment Regulation Models

TAERIO Environment uses interconnected environmental protection data and algorithms to break through limits of single-node environment regulation and improve environmental management.