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TAERIO is the Project and Technology Company.Harness TAERIO revolutionary technology to supportyour business goals and fulfill your mission.

Based in Europe and UAE,TAERIO is a versatiletechnology distributor

We aim to complete all fields of services which are needed to have the solution planed, purchased, installed, tested, maintained and running.

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The Hard- and Software components of an ideal solution are many. We help you to procure the projects elements according to your or the project specifications.


Getting the right information for you is the foundation of our services. Breakdown the barriers to data collection and operation.


We provide all the best Know How and Technological expertise to allow your specialists to provide the state of the art solution for you security purpose.


Creating new commercial opportunities for partners across all industries.

Who We Serve

TAERIO provides solutionsin the field of security and technology

Financial Services

Complex projects, need complex financial solutions.  Global sourcing and logistics require financial governance,  which takes in account the local policies of all participants.

Government Contracts

Taerio provides help to fill in the missing part in any government contract or tender participation. We find the right partners to complete your core strength in your offering.


Health Care and Medical Industries in our days are High-Technology. In the Mechanics the products need accurate machines. But also Sofware becomes more and more important. Institutions, Insurances and Patients data needs to be protected as well, in the network as well as in the physical world.  Taerio helps to  produce the product, the software and the integrated safety solutions, which needed to create state of the art healthcare and medical products.

What We Do

Exclusive TAERIO services

Software Development

Coming from decades of software development, we can offer state of the art C4I, Smart City and Situation Awareness Control Center solutions. Integration of new modules and elements, Hardware, Sensors and Display technologies are an ongoing task.

Acceptance Tests & Quality Control

Matching the installed to planed results of a project is sometimes challenging. Quality control and acceptance tests on your behalf will help not to achieve the goals.

Project Management

Complex projects need experienced project management. We can provide this with experienced Experts.


Complex Hard- and Software solutions in the field of security will change their status day by day. We help you to keep the Systems up and running.


We conduct any of our Solutions on behalf of our customers as service.


All Steps of our solutions can be educated and trained thoroughly. The scope is adapted to the qualification of the specialists intended for the operation.

Products and Solutions

Unlock TAERIO technologicalinnovation capabilities

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